Wall Art

Artist Kolene Spicher:

Owner Ione Talese has a thing about “Mermaids” – their mysterious nature and the tales told of them in folklore makes them superbly interesting! Kolene Spicher paints some of the most amazing portraits of these mermaids ever which is why Artisan Body highlights her work!

Kolene has a unique style & flare that makes it easily recognizable. Prints come in either black or white frames, and are signed & numbered by the artists!

Artist Anne Daleski

Ann is a Wisconsin based artist who quotes, “I am inspired by many things as you can see in my electric collage art.” I collect vintage photo’s, postcards, papers and other unique finds from the past & present. I build my images from many things that inspire me & hope to invoke the feeling of nostalgia, humor, passion & inner strength, beauty and happiness in you!

Artisan Body Products carries most of her “Pin-up Beach Girls” with a little attitude and can be ordered through the store!