Our Mission Statement & BIO

Artisan Body Products came into fruition back in 2011 after a long journey by owner Ione Talese as she was searching for pain relief for chronic back pain.

Trying a multitude of natural and holistic approaches, nutrition changes, physical strength building, yoga stretching, she found that a daily ritual of relaxation techniques, deep oil massages and the use of natural body products lessened the pain and misery. She also discovered a huge universe of natural body products and the importance of using good soaps & how creatively gorgeous they could be! (This is when she got hooked…)

So Ione decided to meet these dedicated soap makers, find out how they made these soaps and found herself immersed in a new project. So what came next? You guessed it, opening up a soap store in Ocean City, N.J.  to pursue her passion.

DeShawn Marie

DeShawn has been making & selling her gorgeous handmade soaps & candles for over 20 years. What started out as an experiment to make Christmas presents for her family in 1996 in her tiny Seattle apartment has now become her lifes work & career.

Every year DeShawn travels to exotic world destinations in search of those, Oh So – Special ingredients as well as acquiring inspiration for her latest creations. She travels to Turkey to get that perfect “ginger” & “tumeric” – Bolivia for that unique “salt” and Vietnam for an assortment of organic teas and jasmine.

Artisan Body Products is a proud retailer for DeShawn Marie’s handmade body products carrying over 12 of her most popular artisan soaps.

Anna Masters

Anna Masters has been making soaps for over 10 years and makes ever single loaf individually and in small batches. Her soap curls and imbeds are hand-crafted, not ordered in bulk. She also carries a variety of products such as goats milk, glycerin, shea butter soaps as well as body butters, sugar scrubs, sugar whips and more.

Artisan Body Products loves to showcase Anna favorites like “Coconut Cream Pie” & “Raspberry Lemonade” loofah soaps. As you guessed, refreshing, natural, and oh-so-good for your skin.

Corey Cuadra

After graduating 2nd in her class at the Culinary Institute of America, she used her skills, knowledge & creativity to work her way up in the kitchen at 5 Star Hotels in Southern California. The transition into creating soaps was easy for her as it shares very similar qualities to cooking. Corey talks about soap making and says, “the principles of mixing, blending, dehydrating, steeping & infusing – cooking!”

So Corey uses this whimsical cooking skill to approach soap making like any chef would making a gourmet meal. It has to be nourishing to the body, mind and soul to successful. Her goal is to give you a few stolen moments of happiness every time you use one of her amazing soaps.

Artisan Body loves her passion too – carrying her famous “Mint Chocolate Chip & Organic Coffee Bean” soaps.

Joan’s Garden

We have been featuring Joan’s Garden soap since day one at Artisan Body Products due to her commitment to quality and creativity. She states…”the focus on making something practical, useful and even necessary, yet having the freedom to put a creative touch to be product, greatly appeals to me…” She has been a professional nurse for over 30 years and was an avid gardener. What started as “hobby” then developed into a wonderful journey.

Joan makes two of our biggest sellers here at Artisan Body. Tea Mint soap which she also offers over a loofah slice for major exfoliation and a wonderful “Neem Oil/Oatmeal” soap which people with problem skin really love for it’s soothing properties and repairing entities.