Bath Bombs & Cookies

Our Bath Bombs come in enticing fragrances like Citrus-Kiss, Love Spell, Eucalyptus & Spearmint. You’ll get out of the tub feeling relaxed and moisturized by the wonderful cocoa and mango butters left behind.

New for this year! Made by our “Crazy-Cool” Corey Cuadra of Willow Honey, Bath Cookies & Bubble Bars that work just like our bombs but some can be saved for the next bath experience. Bubble Bars come in scents like blood orange/granita or lemon/lavender. Stay calm and Bubble On!

Bath Salts

We feature Dresdener’s bath salts in a variety of scents like Vanilla Coconut, Lavender & Eucalyptus.

We also offer fun and colorful “Dirty Birdie” kids bath salts which make bathtime kid friendly and keep them in the tub longer!

Massage Oils

Rub those tired muscles and relieve that aching back with our lovely scented combinations of oils from Puritans Pride.