Our beautiful sea sponges are harvested off the coast of Florida by licensed divers (licensed by Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission). These sponges are individually cut by  hand and not simply “raked” off of the sea floor.

These sponges not only do a great job cleaning our bodies by exfoliating, but also serve as a polisher bringing the underneath skin layers shining through with a healthy glow!

We also offer a variety of “Loofah’s” which grow above ground like melons. We sell Egyptian, Mayan and the most available, White Loofahs. Both sponges and loofahs make great body scrubbers and can also be used for a multitude of household needs as well.

Ramie-Cambric Cloth

A healthy choice for essential daily cleansing! All ages benefit from these clothes which are easy and quick try while also being reusable for years to come!

Medium looped “Cambric” clothes gently exfoliate and polish the surface of your skin. Light fabric “Ramie” natural fibers are best for sensitive skin types yet do their job effectively with little to no skin abrasion.

We also make “Soap Bags” constructed from this special material that allows your soap to dry between use and allows you to enjoy your soap to the very end!